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In the heart of Stratford-Upon-Avon


Welcome to The Corner House. Our venue is the perfect combination of stylish décor and relaxed ambience, accompanied by bespoke features to enjoy a truly unique experience. With our jaunty bar and open eatery, our tranquil roof terrace and our elegant glass room which showers you with warm natural light. We proudly accommodate everyone from the food fanatics to the fun-loving drinkers and everyone in between.

Our kitchen has been developed to allow the chefs the ability to deliver you nothing but the best and create a variety of uncompromising, delectable dishes to tickle your taste buds including; Vegan Friendly Comforts, Ingenious Pizzas and Pub Classics with a twist. 

Our drinks list reflects the same attention to detail and quality, as our food. We believe that it’s not just about the taste of the drink but everything down to the glass you drink it from, evolving from the basics and making them a little more vivacious.




01789 296574



The Corner House
38 Guild Street

CV37 6QY


MON-SaT 12pm–11pm
SuN 12am–9pm

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